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1High Quality Wedding Photographer In London

There's more that unites us than divides us: Almost every culture and society in the world has some form of marriage, and while they may all have slightly different approaches to weddings, the heart of the ceremony is the same: Two people promising themselves to each other in front of friends and family. And of course, this is a moment you will want to look back on in years to come so you can relive every moment. We can help you make those memories.


At Best London Photographers, we understand that everyone's different. That's why we tailor our services exactly to your personal, cultural and religious needs, whether you want a big outdoor wedding or a small, intimate affair. We have experience conducting tasteful, respectful photography for many cultural traditions, including many Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and non-religious marriage ceremonies.


We can provide wedding photography services in London for some or all of the process of a religious wedding ceremony, taking into account the differing marriage traditions of people from different parts of the world and also, of course, your personal preferences, so you can have the wedding of your dreams and the photos to match.

2Cultural Options

If you would like to have a Mehndi ceremony photographed we can provide that service and also return for the Nikah if you wish. Whatever your specific needs, we will adapt to them and provide you with great photos and great memories. You can contact us in advance to specify your exact wishes and we will work to make them come true, providing you with a flexible, bespoke service that fully matches your expectations.


We know the weather in London can be changeable, which is why we have the equipment for all kinds of lighting and weather conditions: Whatever happens on the day, we can get you the photos you wanted. And because we have all the best equipment, we can take beautiful photographs of the Shaadi whether you plan to hold it outdoors, in a marquee, or in a home or other indoor venue. We are also experienced with all kinds of religious venues, including mosques, so we can create compelling, evocative photographs of the whole ceremony while respecting the cultural practices of Islamic tradition.


We also have our own photo studio where you can spend an afternoon – or more! – with a select few friends or family members getting perfect, professional looking photos at a competitive rate. With the latest in camera and lighting technology we can provide you an absolute top level service in an safe and secure environment with a professional, experienced photographer.

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Whatever you choose, we can guarantee memories to treasure for a lifetime. We can make a custom wedding guest book or photo album, so you can look back on your wedding day in years to come and relive every moment in whatever format you wish. To this end, we also have a complete videography and video editing service, so you can have an HD film of every part of your marriage ceremony, filmed in a number of different styles. We use only the best equipment, ensuring that your memories of your wedding day look phenomenal.


We are a well-established, trusted photography company because of our personalised, bespoke services. Throughout the whole process, from when you first contact us to when you receive your wedding photo album, wedding video or portfolio, we offer an individualised, professional service that matches your exact requirements.


Our years of experience mean that we can always choose the best, most up-to-date equipment for the task at hand, and provide you with a top quality photography service. Capturing these moments is the kind of thing that can best be achieved by a dedicated professional, and that's exactly what we do best.


So don't spend any more time looking for a wedding photographer: We have you covered. You can use our online form for a no-obligation quote or contact us without delay, by phone or online, to start planning for your perfect day with one of our team.


“We were thrilled with the service from Best London Photographers at our wedding. We would recommend them without hesitation.”

-Tim and Penelope Langton

“Our friends and family loved our gilded wedding album and the way the photographers captured the key moments so well. You can't go wrong with these guys!”

-Hari and Mary Ingstrop