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1Reportage Style Wedding Photography

The groom and best man straighten their ties. The bride’s mother downs a quick glass of champagne before the ceremony. The newlyweds sweep gracefully across the dance floor, while behind them two young children take their first awkward dance steps hand-in-hand. If you prefer a hands-off approach to your wedding photography and videography, Best London Photographers can provide reportage-style photography that captures the story and spirit of the day as unobtrusively as possible. In this approach, the photographer/videographer takes on the role of a documentarian, never inserting him-or herself into the events.


In contrast to photojournalism, reportage or documentary photography is best suited to complex storylines and characterizations. The freedom and flexibility of simply letting the bride, groom, and their loved ones enjoy the big day will show in your photos and videos, making an impact that cannot be duplicated with traditional posed photographs. 


Of course, the reportage approach involves a level of risk-taking, as the bride and groom cannot be certain of what they will end up with. This is why Best London Photographers takes time to truly get to know you and your tastes, so we can anticipate the best movements and lighting to capture before the moment passes. Reportage style photography is more complex than it sounds, but you don’t need to do any of the work of waiting, posing, or moving about in response to someone else’s instructions.

2Reportage Wedding Videos

Reportage-style videography works to capture events and actions without “stagey” interference. The wedding “videos” of your parents’ generation have evolved into showpieces of artistic direction. Cinema-quality cameras and microphones record steady, energetic footage of the sights, sounds, and surprises of your special day.


We edit your video footage to engage the viewer and tell a story rather than simply replay select events that fit an expected pattern. The best wedding videos are approximately 30 minutes long, allowing for optimum structure and pacing. We can of course also produce longer or shorter videos, including brief “preview” pieces.


The most beautiful and memorable moments from your wedding are selected during post-production and edited to create a flow of pacing and theme. Events may not be in strictly chronological order, but rendered in such a way as to reflect the spirit of the day and the personalities involved.


We invite you to play an important part in the conceptualization and realization of your wedding film, from the initial appointment to selecting the highlights you want to the final editing stage. Best London Photographers also offers personalized music, covers, titles and sequences. 

3Our Style And Promise

Best London Photographers will make your wedding ceremony unforgettable and unique, whatever your setting or faith. In some cases we may ask your consent to place your wedding film on our website or one of our social media platforms, to be used for reference or promotional purposes. Imagine future engaged coupled viewing your wedding film and being inspired to create their own. Of course, you are under no obligation to agree, and we will always respect your wish for privacy.


Your chosen photographer and/or videographer can be present from the wedding preparations to the reception clean-up. Prices for reportage-style photos, videos, or combination packages are variable depending on your preferences and budget. We can cover the essential moments in chronological order, or we can create a cinematic work that experiments artistically with lighting, color, technique and theme. Please call today or fill out the form to request a preliminary consultation for a proposal. 


Reportage-style wedding film and photography is about more than recording a single day; it’s about capturing history rather than creating it. Break away from standard shoots and stylized poses, and join Best London Photographers in imagining a creative, meaningful project that reflects who you really are. Choose film and photographs for your wedding that look beyond the “now” and into the future you will share together. Contact us today!


“We were thrilled with the video. It looked like a fairytale!”

-Robert and Elizabeth Green

“The videographer was very discreet and respectful. We hardly noticed she was there. The end product was just fantastic!”

-Harrison and Geeta McFry