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1Muslim Wedding Photography

There isn’t an event so important in the life of a Muslim as his or her marriage. A Muslim wedding is a serious ceremony in which men and women have to be on separate spots. The conservative tradition requires of an expert photographer to take the best pictures at the right times and places. Taking a casual picture in a Muslim wedding may not be a good idea since it has to be taken with utmost care and precision in order to be able to photograph the husband, the bride, and the guests in an appropriate yet effective manner. In the nikah, wedding in Arabic, the Holy Qur’an will be read and vows will be exchanged between the couple, events which are extremely significant and should be photographed to keep them for posterity, time in which the couple will show with gladness the memory of the ceremony to their families and acquaintances by allowing them to look at the professionally taken pictures of their wedding.


We are a company that has built a strong reputation for offering photography services in the city of London. This is because we offer personalized and professional services for each and every one of our clients. We make sure that our service is customized to suit your specific event and your specific needs so everything will be perfect from the moment you contact us, all the way through the event, and of course, the high-quality picture-perfect photographs we will provide you with. Pictures which will remain with you all of your life.

2Islamic Wedding Photos

We have the most suitable and appropriate equipment for wedding photography. This includes high standard cameras and video cameras, flawless lighting and top-notch microphones to record voices as clearly as they can be recorded. We also compete on price. You don’t have to spend large sums of money to have your wedding memories imprinted on pictures. We acknowledge that price shouldn’t compromise quality which is the reason why we can offer both competitive price and high-quality services for your special event.


For weddings, we offer packages that include photography and video recording services so you can enjoy from these two essential services without having to overpay for them from separate providers. In order to save you additional time, which couples don’t have when planning a wedding, we also have other products available, mainly, wedding photo albums and personalized guest books.


This way you will have not only the visual memories of the weeding but also a beautiful place to put them in so they will be kept safe for the time to come. You can also choose from customized guest books which will allow you to read the wishes and messages that your guests wrote to you in this special date.

3Our Photographers and Services

We also offer different types of professional video recording services, whether you want a traditional or contemporary video, or a documentary video style for your wedding, we can effectively make it happen for you and your spouse. We are also happy to guide you and recommend you which type of video will be the most suitable for your particular wedding according to your preferences and the tradition of a Muslim wedding.


Our years of experience as well as our familiarity with Muslim wedding photography along with thousands of satisfied clients has positioned our company, Best London Photographers as the one-stop spot for photography services in UK’s capital city.


At Best London Photographers, we will guarantee that you will have the best pictures taken for your Muslim wedding. Our experience includes photographing many types of noteworthy events such as weddings for a variety of different cultures including Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Asian among others. We have the needed experience to guarantee that your wedding photographs will depict the essence of the Muslim tradition as well as the emotive feeling that a wedding evokes.


If you are planning to have a Muslim wedding on London, please feel free to call us or fill the form above to get the best photography quote sent to your e-mail. Our response is fast and we are sure you will find us to be the right choice for your wedding. 


“We had a wonderful wedding and we can live it over and again thanks to the great photographs that we got. They took the time to listen to us and blend in to the background so they weren;t intrusive at all during the ceremony but still got great shots. Call them today.”

-Mo and Aiisha Islam

“We looked really hard for the right photographers to help us with our strictly traditional wedding and these guys really fitted in well with our guests and captured the essence of the day for us. Don't hesitate to use them.”

-Taj and Parveen Abbas