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1Expert Documentary Wedding Photography

When you envision your wedding day, you surely don’t imagine a bossy photographer spending hours directing you, your attendants, and your new mother-in-law as the receiving line grows longer and the ice melts in the champagne buckets. It doesn’t have to be that way, of course; consider a documentary approach to creating memories. Documentary-style wedding photography and videography can be as simple as a slideshow of a dozen images, or an elaborately crafted film created with multiple cameras and high-tech editing. Best London Photographers uses a candid, artistic approach to wedding photography and filming. We capture the real story and tell it back to you, rather than dictate it from beginning to end.


Even if you’ve never worked with a creative professional before, don’t worry; few people have. The most important element of good documentary wedding photography is the relationship you develop with your photographer long before the big day. We will work with you to get a sense of your style, personalities and preferences, and you’ll develop a better understanding of our methods and process. Many of the best wedding photographers and filmmakers take a documentary approach, using conceptual angles and bold perspectives to find and hold onto the most compelling parts of the story. We want each photo and frame of film to move the narrative forward AND be able to stand alone as a piece of art. 

2Specialist Documentary Wedding Videography

Documentary-style photography blends well with portraiture, allowing everyone to be included without going through every possible arrangement of family members and friends standing together in stiff poses. 


We encourage you to let us know if there are specific moments or images you want to include. Of course a photographer will capture the essential elements of your wedding day, but your wedding is so much more than visual; the sounds of the vows being exchanges, the music, the speeches, the laughter and tears are important as well.


Combining photography with videography is the best of both worlds, and Best London Photographers offers combination packages of both services. And you don’t have to worry about whether your photographer and videographer will get along, since we provide you with experienced teams who are adept at working together. 

3Order With ConfidenceToday!

Best London Photographers is pleased to share samples of previous work with the clients’ permission. A complete 20- or 30-minute video provides you with the best sense of our approach, though we tailor each work to fit the personalities and preferences of the client. Even a highlight reel can give you a good sense of video and audio quality, as well as smoothness of editing. Viewing a sample photo album can also give you a good sense of what you want (and, perhaps more importantly, don’t want).


A preview session also helps both the photographer and the client determine how (and whether) to include special effects such as color correction or artsy transitions, though we feel that a “less is more” approach prevents your wedding film or photos from becoming too dated. Of course, if you do want to push the envelope with some daring shots, Best London Photographers is delighted to work with you to realize the wedding shots of your dreams. 


Call today or fill out the form to receive more information about our artistic approaches, packages and pricing. 


“The documentary style video was important to us and we were pleased with the final cut. Good job!”

-John and Phillipa Jones

“We were pleased with both the photography and the video which were shot in the documentary style that we wanted. Highly recommended!”

-Amit and Samira Patel