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1Contemporary Wedding Photography In London

Traditional wedding photography, with its sepia tones and rigid subjects staring straight at the camera, may have been good enough for your grandmother, but wedding photography as an art form has come a long way since then. Contemporary wedding photography, inspired by editorial fashion photography, helps you create and genuinely feel a sense of stepping into a magazine.


You want photography that the story of your special day as it unfolds, without feeling staged or posed. From behind-the-scenes preparation to the end of the after party, we will preserve every moment without intruding or disrupting the natural flow of events. The last thing you want is a film director arranging people and barking orders, constantly worried about scheduling.


Best London Photographers work with you, not over you, to compose and capture the spontaneity of the day. We take a photojournalism approach to your wedding photography that includes both candid and unconsciously posed pictures. Of course we can give you classical poses as well, but we also like to show your personalities, your joy in one another and the excitement that surrounds you.


This is why we prefer a mix of posed and candid or directed shots. You may also choose to include a formal studio portrait of the bride and groom to display on the mantel and for future generations to admire.


Classical wedding photography is considered classical for a reason, after all, and we are experts at providing a modern twist on familiar poses and themes. All of our photographs are available as digital prints, slide shows and albums.

2Individualised Photos For You

Why make your wedding photos look the same as everyone else’s? Let us give you a more artistic, expressive set of memories that will help you remember not just the look of your wedding, but the feel and energy of the experience. A quiet photo of the rings, speech notes, or satin bridal shoes waiting to be slipped on can tell a story just every bit as rich and personalized as a portrait. 


Trust us, the big day you spent so much time (and money) planning for will be over in a whirl of details, speeches, and adrenaline. You’re so busy focusing on what you need to do next that there’s often not much time to share moments with family and friends who have gathered together to share your life-changing moment.


Best London Photographers knows how important the bride and groom are, but also how essential it is to capture the actions and emotions of the people you’ve invited to be part of your contemporary wedding event. We know how important it is to provide photos that please a wide range of tastes and audiences, so your grandmother will be just as happy with the results as the friends who were at your bachelor/ette party the night before. 

3Our Approach To Photography

Our contemporary photography approach balances color and black and white, crisp images with blurred color combinations, detail shots with panoramas. Your wedding photos shouldn’t look gimmicky or dated, and Best London Photographers takes a minimalist approach to add visual dynamic to your memories.


We work with you on location to choose settings that will help tell a visual story about both of you, without causing you added stress or inconvenience. We believe that truly artistic photography involves taking some risks, and we guarantee that you’ll be glad you went outside the boundaries of traditional wedding photography to create something colorful, creative, and contemporary. 


Contact Best London Photographers for a wedding photo collection that showcases who you really are, and captures both the formal and fun elements of your ceremony and reception. We guarantee that each contemporary wedding album is entirely unique to the styles, tastes, and personalities of the bride and groom and their loved ones. After the cake is eaten, the decorations are taken down and the honeymoon is over, you’ll still have a lifelong treasure of photos and memories that you will be eager to share with friends and family (both present and future).


Let your contemporary wedding album transport you back to the time, place, and sense of excitement that you may not have had time to savor in the moment. Those who were not there to share the day will be able to get a sense of what it was like, and understand your story as it happens over and over again in photos. Now enter your email address in the contact box or call us for a quote today.


“Our photographs were modern, light and airy. Thanks "Best London Photographers"!”

-Jim and Laura Gray

“The contemporary finish to our photo album really showed off our wedding in the best light. Good job!”

-Nicolas and Leanne Hendricks